cnReach onboarding and connectivity check to cnMaestro Cloud Server:


            This article is part of a series of topics about cnMaestro on-boarding and troubleshooting. Please see Device On-boarding for a listing of all parts in this series.

cnReach by default communicates to “” which is designed to be completely Zero Touch operation and does not require any intervention. However, if the user has changed the URL or any unexpected behavior like device lost connection to cloud account or if you want to verify cloud URL, please follow the below suggestions provided.


  • Get the Devices upgraded to the below firmware
    • OS and Module : 5.2.18c and above
    • RF Firmware : 1.52.19110 and above
  • Make sure the DNS settings are properly set in the device GUI (Network > Interface Settings > DNS Server)
  • Go to Diagnostics > Ping and perform ping to “” in order to make sure the DNS and Connectivity works fine.
  • Sometimes a ping may be blocked by AWS for the cloud servers.  If so, try to ping to “com” or any other public web site. If this works then the DNS and Internet connectivity are established.

Follow the below path to enable cnMaestro or check the if correct URL is configured. We recommend not to configure any URL, by default device will talk to cloud URL. 

Here is the sample ping output from the device:

If the device does not get on-boarded after checking the connectivity. Please collect the device debug log including the device configuration file (Management > Files) and send it to Cambium-Support team for debugging.

  • Navigate to Management >> Administrator >> Click on Download Debug Logs

  • To log a case, please click on the below URL or you can call our support hotline number:

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