cnReach Radio technology

The technology in cnReach is based on a software-defined radio.  This provides flexibility not only in the current version but opens up many options for additional channel bandwidths, modulations, coding rates, etc. to be developed in the future as software upgrades on the product roadmap.

The radio is a TDD solution which means it transmits and receives on the same channel or pair of channels alternating between transmit and receive portions of the frame. This TDD approach allows for flexible use of the bandwidth a throughtput requirements vary.  In most SCADA solutions, the bandwidth is primarily in the uplink direction. 

In 900 MHz, cnReach uses an additonal mechanism referrred to as frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS).  With FHSS, the radios ‘hop’ through a sequence of small channels, never dwelling on the same channel for more than ~60 ms dependent on channel size and modulation.  This reduces the impact of back-ground interference.  There are many configurations available on the radio to set the hopping pattern, frequencies, etc.


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