CnRreach password recovery


I changed the Admin password for the radio and it took it. But I no longer can access the management account.
I can access RO account.

Is there a backdoor for the radio to log in default mode and change password?
Or default radio factory settings and test configure?

I used combination of letters, numbers and symbols for password.

Any help is appreciated.


We'll have to investigate what happened or if there is an issue with a special character in your password that was accepted but not valid.

In the meantime you can recover the unit by factory defaulting it.  You will need to have physical access to the unit and connect to the serial port using the procedure in the user guide that describes how to recover a forgotten IP address.

In short, Open a terminal emulator such as Teraterm, PuTTY or HyperTerminal and connect to the PC’s COM Port at 115200 8N1.  then reboot the radio.  You'll see a menu appear with options to factory default, switch the boot partition or continue on with the boot sequence.  Select factory default and the unit will revert to defaults with default IP address and default password. You will then need to restore the configuration.

Please reach out to our support team if this doesn't resolve the issue.  I'd also like to understand which special characters you used in your password (please don't disclose your password on the community :-) )  Send the list of characters via a private message and we'll give it a try here.

Regards, Bruce

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Thanks for the prompt response.
I will give it a shot defaulting via serial connection.

The special characters used were ! And $