CNS Conversion - CNMaestro and Authentication


I am working on converting a large number of internal provisioning scripts over to Maestro (On-Premises) as the CNS platform can no longer onboard some of our devices. The scripts currently scrape the user/password from CNS for retrieving ssh authentication details. However, from what I can find, no authentication is stored in the DB for Maestro onboarded radios.If I am just overlooking it, please let me know where in the db schema to look or retrieve data.

Is there another method that can be used to handle authentication to the onboarded CPE's without relying specifically on the admin user/pass (i.e. does onboarding install an allowed ssh keypair that i can clone to our automation server, or is there another protocol that I can write a wrapper around to get/set configuration options directly? We are primarily focused on settings/updating lan ports and wireless protocols, but would like access to all of the parameters. The reason for this is that a number of the radios have a variety of passwords that weren't properly recorded outside of the CNS server that makes scripting against them difficult without that intermediary database.

As a second question, are there any plans on adding a support role similar to that provided by the CNS server? We like all of the updated statistics and such provided by the new interface, however we'd prefer a read-only version that can be used by our support department to view (but not modify) current device statistics, history, signal quality, etc from a single panel. An API for this information would be sufficient, as we can set up a polling relay using websockets to mimic the real-time device statistics update in our backend admin panels similar to what we have for other technologies.

If you'd rather not have the specific details public, please contact me directly and we can discuss what it'd take to find out the information and any NDA agreements that would need to be signed to protect IP.

Thank you