CNs disconnected from E2E server


We’ve installed a couple of sites using CNWave and have a repeated issues where theDNs/ CN’s simply disconnect from the external E2E and appear offline. However, we have set each DN with a IPV4 IP address and the devices are still up and running, and passing traffic.

The POPS continue to stay connected to the E2E as well…

Any ideas why this happens and what we can do to make them reconnect?

We’ve got a lot of other small issues around missing stats, links etc but believe these are already in hand.


I am suspecting there is no IPv6 route from external controller to seed prefix.

Is there a router between E2E and POPs ? Or E2E directly connected to the switch/L2 domain as POPs ? What are the routes at the controller ?

Hi Kiran, I’ve raised a support ticket for this now. There is no router between POP and E2E controller. POP is set as the default gateway on the E2E controller so has a route to the seeds. As stated, it was working for 2 weeks prior to all of a sudden stopping.

Many thanks