CNUT 2.2 & Microsoft Windows Vista Business

Hello all,

I use the Motorola Canopy Advantage platform on a wireless network with 900mhz AP and Sm’s. Currently, the AP and SM’s are running firmware version 7.2.9 with the P9 hardware.

I am looking to upgrade my wireless network to 8.1.4 but I am experiencing issues with installing the CNUT 2.2 software in Microsoft Windows Vista Business.

Will there be support for Vista soon? Any answers would be duly appreciated.


I couldn’t even install cnut 2.2 on Vista Business. I get till beginning of real install:
Canopy Network Updater Tool will be installed in the following location:

C:'Users'xxxxxx'Desktop'[Variable “install” is not defined]
with the following features:
Network Updater
for a total size:
66,8 MB

Then it starts and I get:

Errors occurred during the installation.
A file name cannot contain any of the following characters: :*?"


That error is exactly what I get in vista business. I hope they develop support for vista users soon.


You can actually get it to work by installing it with the command line function.

I had the same issue since Beta.

What I finally ended up doing was installing the latest CNUT on my laptop (XP Pro), then copying the entire directory to my Vista Machine.

I have had to do this same thing for a total of 3 applications so far, but after manually creating the shortcuts, all works just fine.


Very nice, I never thought once to install it to an xp machine, then copy the folder over to my vista box. Thanks for the input guys, it’s much appreciated.


Welcome, it works like a charm, you might also want to goto the latest release

Happy updating :slight_smile:


Thanks guys. Will try it out too.

You can install on Vista with no issues.

Right click install exe file go to properties and choose to run in Windows 2000 compatibility mode. Then double click and install.

Raising from the dead, I know, but… BUMP

Win 2000 compatibility mode working great for me on Vista Business 64-bit