CNUT 4.9.18 Updates the already updated

Noticed updating SM's with CNUT 4.9.18 to 14.2 if they are already at 14.2 it updates them again.  Thought in past it would say update not required.


Is that happening only with the SM or AP as well?

Is that happening with any specific SM or all SMs?

Is that PMP450 SM or PMP450i SM?


Vijay Gnanamurtthi

It happens with 450 AP's and SM's.  It happens with 900 FSK AP's.  Will try it shortly on FSK SM's but I imagine there as well.

For me it's been just the 450 AP - SMs are correctly identified and skipped as not needing the update (Update Not Applicable.)

I'm running:

Windows 10

14.2.1 (16)

I have to use it in autoupdate enable mode, as CNUT will not contact the SM directly - Ticket submitted a while ago.

I think this may have moved to Maestro as well - No LUID access.