CNUT 4.9.18 windows 10 issue?

I'm having an issue with 4.9.18 and I wonder if it's directly related to WIndows 10. We have several machines here we use to update equipment ranging from a dated XP machine thru Windows 10 and thus the issue. I can (on win. XP and Win. 7) go from 11.2 to 12.1 to 14.1.1 for firmware, however even after a clean install of CNUT 4.9.18 on my Win 10 machine it will not go at all. goes to 50% then says Invalid File Image(Status: 211). Is this related to windows 10 or something else? I am working with PMP 430 5790SM20's Yes I am aware 14.1.1 is intended for the PMP450 and insure it functions fine when flashed this way, but that is not my question or my issue, Simply wondering if this may be a Windows 10 issue. Thanks

Hi Ryan,

The error Invalid File Image(Status 211) is mostly seen when we try to upload a signed image on a radio which is unsigned or vice-versa. We mainly upload signed image on PMP 450/MIMO devices and unsigned image on PMP 430/OFDM devices. Kindly try to use an unsigned image/ signed image(whichever not used earlier) and let us know if that works. As far as windows 10 issue is concerned, we haven’t tested CNUT on it. This is also mentioned in the document. If the issue is not resolved with the above try, we will try to debug the issue more.



I'm sure the difference that you are referring to, but I can infact go from 12.1 to 13.4 then up to 14.1.1. If there is a difference in signing should this not be possible? As the the SM I'm updating is a PMP430SM10 that ends up with 450 firmware on it?

Hi Ryan,

Below are the supported OS in window platform for CNUT 4.9.18 version. Here Windows is not listed. So, you could try upgrading your lab radio from any of the below windows os pc with cnut. Then let me know the result.

Windows Platforms

− Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition1

− Windows Server 2008 R2

− Windows 7

− Windows 8

for more info, visit the below link.


Vijay Gnanamurtthi