CNUT and OpenJDK

With the new Oracle Java licensing changes, we are looking to move towards using OpenJDK.

Is CNUT compatible with any version of OpenJDK?

Has anyone from Cambium had a chance to look into this?  Thanks!

No, currently CNUT is compatible only with jdk 1.6.

Ah ok - thanks for looking into this.  A few months ago we were able to successfully run it with the 1.8 jvm.  If I get a chance, I will see how it behaves on open jdk.

As an update to this post, we tried the latest version of OpenJDK (12.0.1) with the latest CNUT version (4.12.8).  We have successfully loaded our network file and pushed an SM firmware update, so we are considering this a success.  The only bug so far is the JFrame close button does not work (nor does the Exit in the menu), so we use task manager to kill it.  That and there is no windowed mode to partially shrink the frame, but that's ok we can work around that.

To swap these out, dump the contents of the OpenJDK into the _jvm folder (make a backup first then delete what is in _jvm).  The top level directories should be the same (bin, lib, etc).

OpenJDK home page:

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