cnut epmp1000

I tried to update a cpe. Cnut was stopped as from image. What problem can there be? Thank you

I'm not sure if this is the same error or not, but the problem I initially ran into trying to use CNUT with ePMPs was that I was running CNUT on a PC that was behind NAT, and the ePMP's need to be able to access the CNUT server. I moved CNUT to a  server that wasn't NAT'd and it worked fine.

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Also verify HTTP server used by CNUT operates on proper interface.

Then try to restart it.

Thank you.

I tried it with a epmp180 directly connected ethernet cable (IP:, but I have the same problem. I also tried to disable windows firewall. I think my problem is that I have not found a guide to set properly cpe epmp1000 and cnut together; where can I read up? Thank you

Also please check preferences configured in CNUT.

More data regarding CNUT you can find there:

Cambium Network Updater Tool Online Help Issue 2

Thank you.