CNUT Error

I am trying to setup cnut for future firmware updates and I am getting this error on all my sm's What am i am missing on my setup for the sm's 

 Unable to communicate with the Network Element. Error:No SNMP response 

CNUT tries to get data from SMs over SNMP. Please check your snmp configuration in cnut as well as SM.
Things like snmp community string, version, etc.

I have the 

SNMPv2c Settings settings set to read/write and cnut connecting using v2c still getting no response. 

I can send a update to the ap but none of the Sm's I checked the ap snmp settings and matched them to the sm's but it still wont work. Do I have to allow snmp through the AP somehow?

Hi , 

If both AP and SM have the same SNMP settings and read & write is enabled , the AP and SM should communicate to the Cnut server. 

Try enabling "SM Auto-Update" under Update >> Configuration >> Enable SM Autoupdate >> Ok and see if this helps.


Kumaran K 


I have  came across this issue couple of times. As my colleague said, you can try upgrading the radios using "Auto-update" via AP. This will work.

Below is an Alternative troubleshooting that you can try.

Do we have a reachability to the radios from the SNMP station? 

If yes, then try to discover the radios using admin user & its password in cnut  Also, make sure that you logged into the radios using admin  credentials.

Now, you may not get the "no snmp response" error.


Vijay Gnanamurtthi