CNUT issues after Medusa upgrade

We recently upgraded a few of our PmP450 access points to Medusa's hoping that this would solve our bandwidth problems.  Sadly, things have not gone as well as we would have hoped.  One of the issues I am fighting, CNUT can not discover the SM's under the Access Point.  I get this error on every subscriber module it tries to detect.  Any ideas?

12/08/17 10:36:56 WARN Failed to connect to device by HTTP(S),org.apache.http.NoHttpResponseException: The target server failed to respond
12/08/17 10:36:56 INFO Discovered Subscriber Module: AP:[X.X.X.X].LUID:[003] ( SITE=X )

To my knowledge we don't have any discovery issues, and have not seen this reported by anyone else... this may be worth entering a support ticket to dig into what exactly is going on here.

Are you on the latest CNUT version available?

using CNUT 4.11.2

I spent a good amount of time double checking all my settings on my AP's, CMM, router, ect.  Could not figure it out.  I could use CNUT to put in the AP and auto detect the subscriber modules on other towers, but not the ones with the Medusas.  I finally decided to downgrade CNUT to 4.10.5 and now it works just fine.

BTW, I would like to give a big thanks and KUDOS to Neil Schlaffer at Cambium and for reaching out to me via email and working with me on the phone.  He came up with some great ideas to try before I decided to downgrade the software.  I really appreciate that he went the extra mile to provide support above and beyond what I have ever received before.

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