CNUT Issues

I am trying to update some 2 of my 900 MHz SM’s to 7.07 from 6.1. Everytime I try to do this I get the following:

06/29/05 10:09:13 INFO DeviceStatus=Status:1;HOST:AP:[].LUID:[12];ESN:0A003E900FF5;Message:Checking Network Element Status
06/29/05 10:09:13 INFO DeviceStatus=Status:-1;HOST:AP:[].LUID:[12];ESN:0A003E900FF5;Message:Unable to communicate with Network Element (Possibly Connect/Login Failure)

Am I missing something? I have verfied the Password and SNMP Settings and all is ok.

I have the same problem, same error when using the SM Autodetect feature. It detects fine, refreshes no problem, but will not connect to update. If I add the SM manually and then do the update everything works fine. :evil: I have no idea why.

Canopy Guy?


I am also experiencing the same problem. Any kind of help would be very appreciated.

Did you validate that the “accessing subnet” field on the SM is the subnet of your CNUT PC? (This isnt the case for the two that said it works after maunally adding it)