CNUT Problems AP Re-Boots while doing AutoUpdate

Now that it has become mandatory to update using the Network Updater I am having trouble.

I was able to update all the APs with out too much trouble (some had to be done a few times due to errors) but now after enabling autoupdate on the APs to update the SMs the corresponding parent AP will reboot sometime during the SM update, hence stopping the autoupdate from completing. The CNUT does not know the AP reboots and just continues on waiting…

A few SMs may complete the update before the reboot. I suspect that when an SM reboots after its update is completed that the AP also reboots. We have seen this happen using the web interface on occasion. When we reboot an SM the parent AP also reboots. Strange but does happen on occasions.

So we start the autoupdate again, a few more SMs get updated and voila the AP reboots again.

This has happened on at least 10 different APs

When we did the autoupdate manually on previous versions this did not occur as the the “norm” as it does using the CNUT.

Is there a way to upgrade manually, much more effective without mystery!

Is anyone else having this problem?

Thanks, any help would be appreciated.