CNUT Scheduled Upgrade

PLEASE PLEASE add the ability to select a bunch of AP's click "schedule upgrade", even if we have to leave CNUT open overnight, and that at the time specified in the schedule upgrade  step the AP's are upgraded.

This way i can set my AP's to upgrade and enable autoupdate for a subset of AP's at night during a maintenance window instead of having to wake up at 2am to do it manually.

Hi Chris,

This feature is already present in CNUT. There is a sub-menu  “Schedule Network Update” under “Update” menu in CNUT to schedule upgrade for all the selected devices. Please refer the attached image.

You can also find the detailed steps to configure this in the online_help guide which can be accessed from "Help"==>"Contents" menu in CNUT, also present in the installation directory in the PDF format.

See Vikas post below...