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when I press the cameras icon on the dash and type username and pass to view the video stream popup windows, it doesn’t show the window. Can someone help me what do I need to do to view the video stream? If I press to reboot the camera, it works, but not the video stream. On notifications it says Video streaming is not available now.

thank you

any adblock or uBlock installed in the browser ?

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Nope, Im using Safari and Chrome and nothing on both.

Please send camera model

Im only using Mobotix cameras. Is happening on all models. Q26,Q71,M73,M16.etc…

Did u checked that OnVif is enabled on all of the devices ?

Sure, pls check that ONVIF is enabled on all the cameras.
Also, can you please share the use case? I mean, for what purpose are you trying to use this functionality? (debugging or while installing or something else?)
Thank you.

Yes, ONVIF is enabled. I would love to use it for debugging and while installing.
Thank You