cnVision - Subscriber Target Receive Level

Please add a “Subscriber Target Receive Level” option in the cnVision hub configuration, similar to the ePMP 3000 series which cnVision is based on.

We are seeing a lot of false radar detection triggering DFS events on the cnVision Hub end due to cnVision client devices using ATPC to increase transmit power too much! -45 dBm is too high a receive level on the Hub end and causes false radar detection.

On ePMP devices we use “Subscriber Target Receive Level” set between -56 dBm and -60 dBm to reduce false radar detection occurring and it works well.

Please implement this feature on the cnVision products.

Hi , “Client Target Receive Level” will be part of 4.6.1 version. If you are interested in beta trails, we can share the RC SW version privately

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Thank you for the info. When is 4.6.1 due for global release please?

Feature is available in 4.6.1-RC14, which is released as a beta on our support site.

Tested the 4.6.1-RC14 beta yesterday and target receive level did not appear to work. SM would not lower the tx power below 3 dBm, even though the Master was set to -9 dBm. This was using 2 x Client MINI (16 dBi).

Seems strange as the target receive level feature on the Force 300-16 works perfectly, and its the same hardware as the Client MINI.