cnVision with Axis M3216


We have a customer with 2 sites where we have to install 2 x HUB360 and MAXrp for each site to connect Axis cameras. Installed MAXrp, configured, connected AXIS M3216 and after reboot the MAXrp, it didn’t come up and no LED indicators. Then we swapped with new MAXrp and same thing happened. we ended up with 2 x faulty MAXrp’s due to unknown reason.

Last week, we went to the other site and installed, comfigured MAXrp, connected same model AXIS M3216 camera and same thing happened to the MAXrp. we first thought that the issue with site 1, but same issue with site 2 mean something wrong with compatibility or some other reason. Both sites has Axis M3115 indoor cameras connected to MAXrp and they work fine. Also they have XVt-23T WAP’s connected to same MAXrp’s.

The issue is with Axis M3216 model and reason unknown so far. We also have to install Axis M5525 PTZ camera to be installed, but because of the above unknown reason, I doubt that it also will cause another dead MAXrp (haven’t done yet).

Have you ever faced this kind of issue or can anyone help me what could be the reason for this? so far we got 3 MAXrp’s faulty with those cameras.

Thank you


Can you please open a support ticket ? > “Submit a reequest” button on top right. Or if you already have a ticket, please let me know the ticket number.
It also makes sense to check with AXIS support if there are any known issues for the particular model of the camera.
Thank you.

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Hi Chinmay_K,

Thank you for getting back to us.
This is the ticket number for 1st 2 MAXrp’s created by our procument team 374043. And the supplier sent us 2 x MAXrp’s for replacement. As I explained, we then moved to the next site and installed the third MAXrp with same model camera and same thing happened. Please let us know if there any issues(compatibility). We have installed the same cameras with PoE switches for a different customer at 2 seperate sites and working fine.

There is no known incompatibility. I checked camera power specifications of both AXIS cameras mentioned above. Both are 802.3af / 802.3at Type 1 Class 3. For non-problematic camera: Typical: 3.7 W, Max.: 8.7 W and for problematic camera: Typical 4.8 W, max 10.8 W - and that should be no problem at all. So, nothing stands out why one particular camera is damaging MAXrp.
Got few questions. PLease answer inline:

  1. Did you also try with AXIS support if they have any known issue with this particular model of the camera?

  2. WHen AXIS M3216 was getting powere up by MAXrp, were there any other devices connected to the same MAXrp that were getting powered up from MAXrp?

Thank you.

Hi Chinmay,

  1. Didn’t contact Axis yet for this issue

  2. There are no other devices connected to MAXrp. MAXrp powered from the provided PoE injector, PoE out port 1 to Camera.

NOTE: there are othere MAXrp’s on both sites with different model cameras and XV2-23T on them. Also there is a PTZ camera to be connected to those MAXrp’s. But in this case, just M3216 only.