Cnvison and Multicasting

We are deploying a cctv system to work on Multicasting in order to minimize the bandwidth load on the network.

Does the flexr hub and Maxr clients will support this kind of configuration??

Hi Abdullatif,

Yes, cnVision devices support passing multicast traffic and you will need to do some configuration as explained below, depending how your network is designed.

Configuration to be done for a “typical CCTV system” using cnVision devices as wireless backhauls, where cameras are installed below (on the ethernet side of the) cnVision client devices and Video Management System (or any other deivce/application, which is the IP multicast host) lies above (on the ethernet side of the) cnVision hub device. :

Hub Device: Best practise would be to Enable Client Traffic Isolation on a hub. (Hub’s webUI > Configuration > Network > Advanced > Client Traffic Isolation > Enable). This is suggested because, packets containing video data, when go from client to hub, looking at destination IP address as a multicast, hub (being a layer 2 device) will broadcast those packets in all directions - on hubs ethernet interface as well as to other client devices. You would not want hub to be sending out packets to other clients (in case of this “typical CCTV system”). Thus, to avoid this unnecessary load on cnVision devices, you should enable client traffic isolation on the hub, so that when hub receives packets containing video data from one client device, it will only send it out on hubs ethernet interface and not to any other client devices.
Client Device: Client device will not pass Multicast traffic with Multicast Group Limit enabled in case Client device didn’t receive IGMP Multicast Group join requests. So, you need to make sure Client device webUI > Configuration > Network > Broadcast/Multicast Traffic Shaping > Multicast Group Limit is set to 0.

In case your network deployement is different than “typical CCTV system”, please send me an email at for further suggestions.
You can also refer to ePMP Multicast Configuration & Use Cases to see more about addition Multicase related feature support, configuration on cnVision and ePMP devices.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you.