cnWave Factory Default via SSH?

I have some some cnWave gear that I would like to remotely factory default so I can move it to a new E2E controller / network. I do not have GUI access, but I do have SSH access. What is the command to factory default the V1000 (and others) over SSH?

I think it is (But I would like to be sure):

system baseconfig
system reboot

Ideally I would be able to do this all remotely while they have valid network connections. I would rather not have to go through the power cycles later.

Thank you, Chris


baseconfig : config to base of release
iperf : NULL
reboot : reboot


Those are the cli commands for factory reset. I have migrated networks in the past by running these commands on the POP, and moving the POP to a new E2E controller, reconfigured the rest of the network in the new onboard or External E2E controller. The configuration for a particular device is overwritten by the configuration in the E2E when the device first communicates with the E2E. You have to manually configure the POP(s) to communicate with the E2E, then after that, every other device, whether DN or CN needs a site, a node configured on that site, and then a link to its neighbor node get it to communicate. When the link comes up, the device gets an IPv6 “…ceed…” (if you use the default IPv6) address via SLAAC in the same network as the POP, and through the POP communicates with the E2E to download it’s config, then reboots and runs the new config.

Technically, when you move to a new network, you have to factory default the POP nodes, but all the rest can be re-installed as they are. Just make sure they are not connected to a different network in cnMaestro. That can give you some issues when the same MAC address is configured on more than one E2E.

To move to a new network:

  1. Delete your devices on the current E2E network in cnMaestro first.
  2. Build a new E2E, manually configure the POP’s to work on the new E2E ( that is the" …ba5e…" addresses of the POP and E2E are on the same network)
  3. Configure new sites, add your nodes to your new sites, then create the links you want. .

Hope this helps!


@DaveClelland, thank you.

I ended up running baseconfig and then reboot - is the iperf command changing anything, or just a test?

This is interesting. I thought it was the case and I moved a V1000 (in cnMaestro) off of one E2E controller and into another at another site. When I installed it, it wouldn’t connect - which prompted this post. Perhaps I will try this again.

Thank you, Chris