cnWave - find CPE ipv4 address?

I’m trying to implement traffic shaping for my cnWave customers. I am using a QoE device to handle this, but in order for it to work, I need to know what ipv4 address is being used by the customer’s CPE device.

My non-cnWave customers work fine (such as my 450s). Since I can put the radio in router mode, I have control over what IP address is assigned by my dhcp server. However, it appears that I am forced to run cnWave in bridge mode, so I have no control over the device being assigned an IP at the customer’s premise.

As it is now, if a customer plugs in a router, it gets assigned an IP. If the customer gets a new router, he’ll end up with a new IP. Obviously I can’t sit and chase down the IP address being used by the customer’s CPE.

What strategies should I consider for this? I’d rather not require static IP, but what other options do I have? Looking for tips and suggestions.

When you say router mode in 450s, are you referring to NAT mode or PPPoE ? Can you please elaborate on having control over IP address ?

cnWave bridge mode is necessary to support IPv4 traffic. You can use DHCP option 82 to detect the CN under which CPE is connected. Would it help in controlling the IPv4 address allocation.

Yes, I mean NAT mode. It enables me to assign a single ipv4 to the radio and know that it will always be the only device I need to worry about since I control it. That’s what I lose with cnWave

Please explore using DHCP option 82 to uniquely identify the CN/DN.