cnWave / Sonar Monitoring Template

Has anybody been successful in creating an SNMP monitoring template for cnWave equipment in Sonar v1? I have the MIB file but when I try to poll the following OID’s, I keep getting errors:

RSSI - .
SNR - .
MCS - .

I know I’m doing something wrong but I’m not sure how to get this information to properly poll. I have enabled SNMP v2c on the Onboard E2E / V5000 that I’m testing with but getting no love.

Hi Josh, here’s what i get when i walk the mib and focus on the OIDs you listed out… they are specific for each of the two sectors on the V5000 …

does this help you?


That did help, David, thank you.

I settled on the following for now. Will need to keep testing the V5000 template as we add nodes.

RSSI Node 1 -
RSSI Node 2 -
MCS Node 1 -
SNR Node 1 -
MCS Node 2 -
SNR Node 2 -
System Uptime -

V3000 / V1000
System Uptime -