CnWave Speed Test Simultaneously

I have a CnWave 60Ghz setup with 1 pop and 3 CN, I want to try a simultaneous test of 3 devices directly to the POP. The plan is to use 1 laptop in each CN and in POP use a Mikrotik which will later be used as a server. Does anyone have any suggestions for a method for this simultaneous test?

All I can think of is to use Iperf, but I can’t recall if the Server/POP end would be able to take 3 tests at the same time. That has been my go to for testing for a while.

For testing, I’d recommend plugging them all into a switch first and getting some baselines to expect. I’ve had the results vary from device to device in the past. Once you work out the kinks and can test on a local network, you should be able to conduct the test in the format you want. One thing I would recommend right away for the testing is to shut off the firewall. In the past, my guys would get stuck and unable to test, forgetting about the firewall. It tends to block the Iperf traffic

Hi we recommend to use a PC behind Pop(10G speed)with iperf3 installed and consider it as L2 mode for ipv4 connectivity.

All laptops behind CN’s considering as 1G capable in same sector.

Verify end to end ping from pc behind pop to laptop behind cn’s

Now you can start iperf3 server sessions with different port options -p in pc behind pop or iperf3 server sessions in laptops

Run client traffic accordingly for each laptop and check throughput. In above conditions it will achieve ~1G to individual laptops.

Then you can create a shell script if its linux or other scripts based on your OS to trigger simultaneous traffic at same time.

If you have any specific requirement or report based on above test you can post it. Will advise accordingly


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