cnWave System Release 1.3.1 has been released

cnWave 60GHz System Release 1.3.1 has been released. Find the firmware and full release notes at

:point_right: Upgrade the External E2E controller first and then the nodes
:point_right: When using onboard controller, its recommended to upgrade the whole mesh together.
:point_right: Upgrading to 1.1.0-r4 OVA is recommended (if using External E2E)

Features introduced in System Release 1.3.1

  • Fast Acquisition
  • Asymmetric TDD
  • Zero touch relay configuration
  • Gratuitous ARP support

Other Enhancements / Improvements in System Release 1.3.1

Tracking number Product Description
60 GHz cnWave-3915 V5000, V3000 Enhanced and optimized system configurations to improve resilience to the latency of data packets across relay enabled DNs.

Problems corrected in System Release 1.3.1

Tracking number Product Description
60 GHz cnWave-4047 All Standard MTU 1500 off by default - Only use under support supervision
60 GHz cnWave-34560 V3000 The V3000 device UI showed incorrect EIRP configured value, which was not in range.
60 GHz cnWave-3800 V1000 The link throughput data for V1000 was not displayed on Maps and Statistics UI pages in cnMaestro.
60 GHz cnWave-3721 V3000 In the V3000 PTP setup, following DN_rescan_ timeout, the DN did not perform scanning across all cb2 and cb1 channels.
60 GHz cnWave-3774 All Due to DPA zone optimization, when there was no lo change in PoP, the lo IP change for the nodes in the current zone of PoP was not updated in POP3/issueCN/DN. This resulted in stale information in POP3.
60 GHz cnWave-3763 All The Ping and iPerf UI pages (located on the Tools page) allowed decimal values when running ping and iPerf tests.
60 GHz cnWave-3811 All When wsec was disabled, the device UI displayed - instead of the key word none.
60 GHz cnWave-3815 All Space between local and remote nodes in graphs on the Antenna alignment UI page must be arranged properly.
60 GHz cnWave-3813 All Link name and reporting node fields were not in order in the .Xls file after downloading it from the Statistics UI page.
60 GHz cnWave-3820 All The Antenna Alignment UI page displayed the remote node option for the individual CN node even when the wireless link was active.
60 GHz cnWave-3754 All The Radio UI page (Configuration > Networks) allowed only few non-digital characters for wireless scan interval.
60 GHz cnWave-3818 All On the Tools > Ping UI page, ping did not work from source to destination when the packet size was 10.
60 GHz cnWave-3801 All The number of L2 tunnels on the Onboard UI did not match the number on cnMaestro when compared.
60 GHz cnWave-3868 All With DN Channel Rescan enabled (on the Radio UI page), when PoP was unreachable and DN rebooted, the DN did not perform scanning in cb2 band.
60 GHz cnWave-3268 All With L3 mode and external Failover enabled, external SM or AP UI was not accessible from PC behind CN or DN when external device IP set in IPv6.
60 GHz cnWave-3836 All On the Enable Onboard E2E UI page, Site Name and Device Name (node) fields supported the dot character after enabling E2E controller.
60 GHz cnWave-3835 All Ethernet interface (port) details were missing from the XLXS data sheet for the CN or DN nodes.
60 GHz cnWave-3821 All In node or Onboard UI, the Advanced page did not display or support the view and configuration in JSON format.
60 GHz cnWave-3756 All When a positive timeout value was set for imscantimeout with imscan enable set to false, the IM scan got enabled in the controller.
60 GHz cnWave-3869 All The Onboard UI allowed to send reboot request or restart minion to offline nodes.
60 GHz cnWave-3893 V5000 Acquisition of one DN to DN link occasionally caused another DN to DN link on the same sector to drop if the Golay code was different.
60 GHz cnWave-3842 V1000 V1000 devices left offline, for multiple weeks, performing hourly watchdog reboots might eventually lock up and require a power cycle.
60 GHz cnWave-3819 V1000 V1000 client nodes showed link up but nodes were offline due to a firmware lock-up.
60 GHz cnWave-3713 All In Performance graph, the average value of RSSI and SNR was not within the minimum and maximum range.
60 GHz cnWave-3096 V2000,V3000, and V5000 Latitude and Longitude were not updated by GPS in the PoP UI when a site was deleted or re-added.
60 GHz cnWave-3936 All Incorrect EIRP values seen in the Statistics page.
60 GHz cnWave-3898 All E2E Controller did not use all channels allowed by the selected country during the automatic channel allocation.
60 GHz cnWave-3970 V2000 The hierarchy view in cnMaestro did not show Wi-Fi devices when connected to V2000 Aux port.
60 GHz cnWave-3982 All CnMaestro showed SNMP as disabled, by default.
60 GHz cnWave-3956 V2000 and V3000 The node rebooted with Firmware assert on receiving a Jumbo size MPLS packet.
60 GHz cnWave-3953 All Field diags collection failed, sometimes.

Known Issues or Limitations in System Release 1.3

Tracking Number Product Description
60 GHz cnWave-2896 V2000, V3000, and V5000 A node changing from DN to CN or vice versa requires reboot.