cnWave System Release 1.4 has been released

cnWave 60GHz System Release 1.4 has been released. Find the firmware and full release notes at

:point_right: cnMaestro version 5.1.0 (or higher) is compatible with this release
:point_right: Upgrade the External E2E controller first and then the nodes
:point_right: When using onboard controller, its recommended to upgrade the whole mesh together.

Features introduced in System Release 1.4

  • DHCPv4 client on PoP nodes
  • Security banner
  • High Availability (HA) support for Onboard E2E Controller

Problems corrected in System Release 1.4

Tracking number Product Description
60 GHz cnWave-4100 V2000 After the factory reset of V2000 PoP, the Quick Start UI page showed the SFP interface.
60 GHz cnWave-4110 V2000 In V2000 PoP, throughput reduced when multiple tunnels failover.
60 GHz cnWave-4108 All Sometimes, L2GRE tunnel deletion failed when the PoP was hosting more than 10 tunnels.
60 GHz cnWave-4212 All Enabling the E2E controller failed when the site name or device name had spaces.
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