cnWave V1000 PMP

New to cnWave and wondering if I could get some help since this is the closest thread to my problem.

here is our diagram connection showing V1000 used as BH for WiFi AP, however, I try to access the V1000 separately using the default IP after upgrading to 1.2.1 but I could not


Hi Mamoun Abuagla,
The upgrade to 1.2.1 should have maintained the customised IP address that was previous configured into that V1000. Can you try using that? If it’s unknown, try entering the recovery webpage; the configured system IP address is printed on the 1.2.1 recovery page.

Bart Cuffe

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You can also use link local IPv6 IPaddress - this IP address will never be changed and you can figure it out by using the MAC address of the radio. use any tool from internet (e.g. MAC address to IPv6 link-local address online converter – Ben's blog) to calculate Link Local IPv6 IP address. then use this link to login: https://[Ipv6-address]

many thanks, Bro this is useful and solved the problem now.

on other hand, I have to do alignment but while I access> TOOLS I am only seeing > FACTORY RESET and > LOGE noting more no > ALIGNMENT

so from where i should monitor the alignment?
also, I download the Swift APP but not working I could not log in, do you have any idea?