cnWave V5000 Corner Mount?

Since the V5000 has 280 degree coverage, I’d like to install it on the corner of a corner building to maximize coverage down the roads. Do any of the mounts allow for direct mounting to the corner of a building? I’d like to avoid any j-pipes or extensions - I’m seeking a relatively tight mount.

Thank you, Chris

Not that I know of, but other than a pipe mount we do have a wall mount. You can look into that as a possibility.

C000000L136A Universal Wall Mount Bracket

We have many operators that are using this bracket for wall mounts, utility pole mounts, and a variety of other mounts for the v5000.

I do have the wall mount, but it does not in any way facilitate corner mounting. I could use a “corner adapter” that is often used for surveillance cameras, but they usually add more stand-off distance than I’d like and I’ve had a hard time finding units I think will last.

I may just bend my own mounts, I was just hoping there was an existing solution before custom work.

Rip a 2x6 down the middle on a 45* angle, cut two - one foot lengths, screw them to the wall and pop your bracket on the resulting planar face that is at the corner
BOOM, done

I will probably stick to metal for this application, but I am not sure yet.

When we use wood, we normally paint and don’t leave end-grain exposed on the top surface; so, it would be more like rip, cap, paint, screw, etc. The location is coastal so we would use mahogany or locust since most other woods decay too rapidly. Bending and drilling some stainless sheet is likely to be less work.

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How did you get on with this in the end?

We did wonder if the tilting bracket could help:

but even this will only give you 30deg rotation.

This is for a project that is expected this fall, so I am still considering ideas. Rotating the mount doesn’t specifically address the corner mount desire, but I hadn’t considered it yet - and will work with the idea a bit. Thank you.