Co-Lo BHM and BHS

Has anyone ever heard tell of not being able to co-located BHM’s and BHS’s in the same freq even with a CMM?

We were unable to do this, if it’s possible I would love to know!

The CMM only sync’s the BHM. The BHS gets it’s sync from the BHM so connecting the BHS to the CMM does nothing.

Configure them so they are both BHM’s, and then they will be in sync.

If he is having the same problem as me it’s hard to put all the master’s at the same tower if you are wanting to play leap frog.

site.A-MBH,Site.B-SBH @MBH wanting to put in Site.C-SBH all same freq

Does the middle site have a CMM? if so, then make the two middle BH’s Masters.

If not, then you will need to add sync at the middle tower with a CMM or a syncpipe

site.A with CMM-MBH,Site.B with CMM-SBH @MBH wanting to put in Site.C-SBH all same freq

THis is how I tried to run mine and it would not work, correction it would run for a couple of hours or until allot of date was being transferred.

THis is how I have it now but would love to make another hop off of Site A or Site C

Site.A with CMM SBH…Site B with CMM MBH, MBH,Site (C Sync Cable to Ap) SBH

Put a syncpipe out at Site A or C to sync the BHM?

I would confirm with the manufacturer that the syncpipes are actually in sync with the CMM’s or it’s no good.

From the original question, are you trying to use the exact same frequency or simply the same frequency band?

I would think that frequency band would be fairly easy to accomplish, given ample RF separation, and physical separation would be a plus.

Would the same frequency be possible, given ample physical separation?

Direct from Moto support

BH Slaves and BH Masters in the same frequency band should not be collocated. There will be timing issues as you have already seen. BH Slaves can be collocated as long as the BH Masters both have GPS Sync.

BH Slaves can be collocated as long as the BH Masters both have GPS Sync.

I was not told this by Moto, however they did mention the first part of your post which lead to my question.

So if what your saying is true, thne as long as there is a CMM at the Tower Locations that have colocated BHS and BHM then there shouldn't be any issues. I honestly do get how Moto expects you to build a network if you can't colo a BHS and BHM. It all seems a bit odd.

But thanks for the info guys...much appreciated.

I would think that even if there are CMMs at both sites, all that would accomplish is guarantee that the colocated BHM would be transmitting during the colocated BHS receive cycle, causing problems.

BH are bridge. you dont need to have the BHmaster at the internet source.
Put the 2 BHmaster in the middle with a sinc cable. one BHM generates sync and the other recives sync.

If the BH’s are the only devices operating in that band, then that would work. If there are any AP’s in the same band, then everything needs to sync to GPS.