Co-locating 2.4 clusters


We have just put a new 2.4 cluster onto a tower in an area that has an existing canopy 2.4 cluster about 1000’ from our location. To play nice, we coordinated frequency’s, and had their technical team in a conference call to try and get both towers working at the same time. We found that the two towers were conflicting with each other, and bumping subscribers off.

My question to the forum is:

Has anybody tried to co-locate two clusters of the same freqency (preferably 2.4) at the same tower, or very close to the same tower with any results? If so - what are the necessary steps to get this working. We have the other company willing to make config changes if need be.

They are running 2415, 2435, and 2457.5, with a 5.7 backhaul, and timed by a CMM2.
We are currently testing the 2.4 backhaul out there, but will be willing to move to 5.7 if the need arises. We are running a CMMMicro for timing.

Any ideas?

You might need to look into sharing timing with each other.

I have run in to this on our tower, and things just didn’t work well. Our towers are seperated by about 500-750ft.
First off, the last thing you want to do is put a 2.4BH into the mix. You will have enough problems with trying to make the 2 clusters work.

We had a 2.4 Cluster of 6 on a CMM2 and they had a 2.4 Cluster of 6 on a CMMMicro. Watch to make sure you both have Trasmit Frame Spreading turned on. This will help alot. We were never successful in getting this working together after months of problems. They got themselves a Cyclone from Lastmile gear and all worked good. Then they added a 2.4BH and that killed us again. So we replaced our cluster with a Cyclone as well and brought the system back almost. They still had to remove the 2.4BH and replace it with a 5.7BH.

I’ve had a lot of fun with interference. We have 1 - 2.4 Cyclone, 1 - 5.2BH, 2 - 5.7BH and a 45mb BH and the competition has 1 - 2.4 Cyclone, 1 - 2.4AP, and a mix of 4 - 5.2BH & 5.7BH. It has been alot of fun but we are both working good now.

The cyclone is good and bad. Good that you are using only 1 freq, bad that you can only have 200 SM’s on it.

Hope this helps.

One thing to check is that the up & down slots match so that your frame structure is the same. You both may be using GPS sync but if your frame structure is different then your AP’s won’t be TX & RX at the same time. To check the up & down slots click on STATUS -> Expanded stats ->STATUS again. This will give you an expanded status screen and at the bottom of the AP it will show the up & down slots. You can make changes in the frame calculator to see how different settings adjust your up & down slots.

Adding a 2.4 BH to the mix will not help but again by adjusting the frames you will find better results. You would want to make sure the backhaul master was at the same side as the AP because a BHM and AP TX at the same time while the SM & BHS RX at the same time.