Co-Locating 2 PTP400?

We are running a PTP400 Light 5.8GHz from our wireless site to the South-East at 27km. We are planing to deploy another PTP400 5.8GHz to the South-West at 40km.

Our Wireless site is a 400 feets tower, the currently running PTP is at 120 feets. We need to put the new one at 280 Feet to have LoS to the new location.

We are using the connectorized version with 24db Pannel antennas…

Is there any trouble running 2 PTP in the same frequency at the same site with different direction?
Do I need to sync those PTP together?

thanks for any answer


The OFDM radios are absolutely beautiful when it comes to co-location. You should be able to run this without sync with no issues. Just make sure to check the spectrum on the units when the link is established and I would lock out the frequency you’re using on the unit below.

Great! Thanks for your answer.


I have a ptp 400 located on the same tower as my 3 ap, all on 5.8 ghz. Run the spectrum and pick the freqs for each. And like the other person advised, lock out the neighbor freq…