Coexistence Spectrum Reuse ID

How is everyone using this setting? Do you set it unique for each site or for all sites have GroupA and GroupB to allow ABAB reuse?

We are using a FQDN type approach. Example: 1234-twr-1, 1234-wtr-2. Whereas 1234 is site name, twr is tower and wtr is water tower, numerals 1 and 2 are frequency reuse group ID. You may have group 1 on north and south facing APs and 2 on East, West and on a neighboring site flip that grouping to fit.

Reading this it appears to be that you should try to have as few unique IDs as possible.

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We just use A B C D E F and any radios that are using the same frequencies have the same reuse ID. When this feature is fully implemented I believe it should exclude the same reuse ID from interference calculations.