Colocating BH's and AP's when using a CMM

Are there any concerns about radios stepping on each other in terms of their frequency, if you are using a CMM or other timing devices?

We have a tower which is fed by a 5.4 BH link. On the tower we have 4 x 5.2 AP’s and 2 x 900AP’s all connected via a Cyclone timing device. We now want to establish another BH link off this tower in about a 90 degree angle to the first BH. The question is does it matter what frequency we use for this new BH? Does using a CMM (or a Cyclone in this case) free us from worrying about using either 5.2 or another 5.4 backhaul in this location? Or should we use a 5.7 or another frequency altogether?

Thank you.