colocating dual cyclones

hi guys am getting to the point where i have to place my new clients onto a different ap got 90 plus sm’s on each of my two 900 cyclone omni’s and i’m seeing slow downs so its time to do something idea is to simply place another 900 omni besdie my exsisting one and use color codes to seperate old from new. using cmm micro on one site and sync pipe on the other both sites can see each other but i have no interference if i do this what can i expect and is it doable and whats the best way to approach it

Well I’d do a spectrum analysis first before you go any further. Turn off both AP’s, but put one into SM mode save reboot. Get back into it and then go to the SA screen and check the spectrum. You need separation between the channels, and thats why the three channels for use in the 900 band are 906, 915, and 924. Find out what is quiet and what will work with your existing spectrum plan. If it is all dead silent, put the AP’s back in operation and then prep for the new install.

Once you get it up on the tower make sure you are providing the AP’s with sync, from your CMM Micro or Sync pipe.

Make sure all AP’s have the same max distance, control slots, and downlink percentage. I’d run the AP’s on different color codes myself but thats your choice.