Colocation with Ubiquiti airFiber and Force PTP

Looking to upgrade a backhaul and have been looking into how well my current Force PTP backhauls will play with a Ubiquiti airFiber. (With all the units being GPS synced) But I have been unable to find any experiences with gps colocation between the two brands. The airFiber to me will just be a stepping stone to the Cambium ptp650 or ptp820 goodies.

Current Configuration:

Cambium C058900D052A radio connected to a 5ghz SM, Now I understand one side is 1Gbs and the other side is 100Mbs. Could replaceing the 100Mbs side bump me to the next level like 150-200Mbs Downlink throughtput? with 30Mbps Uplink?

I'm open to suggestions.


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Unless your other backhauls are also 24GHz, they will play fine.  Even then, the beamwidth of the airFiber is so small, other radios can be coloed on the same frequency provided they are 45 degrees or more off azmith.


Hey there NOW! I'm almost 100% certain you won't be able to sync ePMP with AF5 or any other Ubiquiti 5GHz capable radio. Assuming you purchased the Force 110 PtP models you should get a GPS enabled radio capable of gig-ethernet. The model numbers for these products are: 5 GHz: C050900P011A/C050900B051A , B151A, B251A (ROW), C058900P112A/58900B052A (FCC), C050900P013A/C050900B053A (EU)

Assuming you have clean RF conditions and are able to attain the highest modulation using a 40MHz channel width you should be able to get just under 200mbps net throughput. If you need more throughput, or you're running into more interference, than you're correct in migrating to PTP650 or bypassing interference issues all together and going to a licensed PTP820 link.

What I like to do is light up a new site/small pop with ePMP, and than as the site becomes more busy or if RF conditions change, migrate to a licensed link, like the PTP820.

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The OP didn’t specify frequent of airFiber. Assuming in 5GHz then no it won’t sync with ePMP. However, airFiber 5x does some pretty good output power across the entire band, including 5.1.

Sorry forgot to specify which airFiber im looking at it would be the 5ghz radio to convert my current dishes. over.

When converting from RocketM5 to ePMP PtP, we've used UBNT's 5GHz dishes. Take a look at this guide that I wrote up here. If you're using AirFiber radios, you won't be able to use ePMP WiFi compatibility features to aid in your transition, but at least you might be able to re-use some of the UBNT dishes.


Having high capacity epmp units on both sides will give you a max of 170 Mbps one way at max modulation (check the link planner for your exact speed).


hris_Bay you should include your original answer with this one, both are helpful :slight_smile: