hi all, 

2 weeks ago i placed a sector with epmp 1000 sync just to test it in my area...

here we used to use ubiquiti gear... we started to change clients from ubnt to epmp ...with excellent results.

today in taht sector we only have 4 clients connected, 1 of them is connected..the rest losses connecttion with ap...

all of them are in the same area... 

levels are in the file attached

in ap´s log shows: 

 aid=3 disassociated. Reason: COMMUNICATION LOST

it has been working fine for about a week, i really want to change to epmp due to the better quiality and stability  (that is the problem i have with ubnt, and of course ..speed are higher with less bandwith , not like ubnt...)


Hello GINEBRA254,

First of all you have to check Network Entry RSSI Threshold parameter on SMs (Configure->Radio) whether it match with RSSI level.

Then check Noise Level on SMs and AP. You can use eDetect Tool or better to scan used frequencies by Spectrum Analyzer.

SMs may lose connection due to high interferer level.

Thank you.


Have any of the three SMs come back?  If so, can you provide these logs, too?


thanks dan , they still come and go...

ive tried with edetect and detect low interference

about log.... all sm just show info about PPPOE nothing about disconnections

anyway RSSI is quite low...

im using epmp1000 sync + cambium 90º sector 

on client side... force 110 properly alignned ...but RSSI in -76 in the best case

the 3 SM are in the same area further than 200 metres bettwen sm 1 & 2 and sm 3 is 800 metres away from them , 

distance to ap is 2.85 km

ive seen post that people is reaching -58 dbm with same gear and distances between 6 - 8 km 

ive just seen this...

both are mine... im going to change the frecuency and let you know, 

a low RSSI ...could be because of 2 links in the same frec??


No Solution for this issue?
If it was fixed, how was it done.
I am having issues over 4km (SM 300-25L to AP 3000)

Hi @Letsitsa_Mokete,

issue in this tread probably was due to interference at chosen frequency.
If you are looking for help with your one please post here screenshots of your Configuration>>Wireless and Monitor>>Performance/Monitor>>Wireless pages from AP and SM. Community will try to give some clue.

Hi Andrii,

My issue was sorted, I had a very high interference at that high site and I had to change the channel to lower noise.

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