Communications Infrastructure for Smart City Projects?

I am working up a list of applications where our ePMP and PMP solutions have been used for "smart city" projects. I know that we have been deployed for the following, but are there any others that you have done?

  • Events - Tour of Britain, State fairs, Concerts
  • Transportation monitoring - of highway off ramps in Chicago
  • Video surveillance at Intersections - Budapest, Chicago, Cleveland, Palm Beach
  • Wi-Fi hotspots - Seattle, Tokoroa

Thanks for posting your photos and a brief description of any "smart city" deployments.

Recently our town did a revitilization project called The Cannery

For whatever reason only one solution was presented and the cost so prohibitive the city passed on it.  I remember it involved buying light poles that had the wi-fi built into it.   What the city really needs and probally would be very receptive to is a easy lower cost solution.  I had thought about privately doing one myself just for the exposure of the login in highly trafficted areas. 

Where can I find out more about Cambiums smart city ideas? 


You can find case studies and papers HERE.