Community Keyboard Shortcuts

Did you know that this site supports keyboard shortcuts for navigating around? If you’re the sort of person who avoids reaching for the mouse as much as possible, you might like some of these.

  • First, the one I use most often: gl to view the latest posts across the site. Similarly, gu will take you to the unread page, and gn to the new page.

  • Wherever you’ve gone, press u to get back to the previous page.

  • Vi users will appreciate that / opens the search menu. After typing your search terms, use the and cursor keys to move between the results, and Enter to view the currently selected one.

  • Sticking with the vi theme, j and k will move up and down posts within a topic. Hit l to :heart: the currently selected post, and r to reply to it.

  • Want to get something off your chest? c opens the composer to start a new topic.

There are more keyboard shortcuts than I can cover here. Press ? to see the full list, and then hit g l to go see what everyone else is talking about.

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