Compaq and Canpoy

has anyone heard of compaq laptops not being about to communicate with the canpoy device.

the default IP address comes up as no such address, yet when we use a generic laptop it works everytime.

any ideas???



If the Compaq’s Ethernet port is working, the problem is likely just an IP addressing issue. The default address for the Canopy units is Your PC should be given an address in the same network, like with mask

If you haven’t altered the IP address of either the Compaq or the generic, but the later works, look closely at the generic’s IP settings. Other Canopy users have experienced some strange IP-related behavior, but haven’t been able to explain in a post how to duplicate the problem. (Look for a post with lots of responses titled “Newbie Questions” initiated by a gal in Australia.)

Please let everyone know what you find, whether simple or otherwise.

will be lining them up again tomorrow and I will let you know

and thanks

tried it last night for a copy of hours

set my computer for with

still couldn’t access the ap or even ping it

any more suggestions

stupid compaq

Confirm the first phase of the first sentence of my first post: "If the Compaq’s Ethernet post is working…"

Can the Compaq access other hosts when connected, and appropriately addressed, to another network? For example, when connected to your office network, can you access the Internet?

It’s certainly possible the Compaq’s Ethernet NIC isn’t functioning.

however, I got it.

have to use a router

and had to give the router a static IP address

so it is
Gateway is

only thing to remember is that you have to plug the AP or SM into the WAN port of the router

I am happy now

later and thanks for the help