Comparing Ubnt CPE (to Elevate) with eForce 200, 180 and 190

Hello to everyone,

what are best Ubiquity CPE comparing to eForce 180, 190 and 200 ?

Obviously the  final objective is Elevate them with elevate licenses.

Thank you.

Nanostation (Force 180) ,  Nanostation with a reflector (Force 190 / 200) or Nanobridge but in my experience the Nanobridges performed poorly aimed at sectors, most all of our installs were Nanostartion with a reflector.

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Where do you get the reflector ?

Have you ever tryied the AirGrid 27 dBi ?

I know there is one in the back room buried under some other stuff.   I don't remember why we never used it or ordered any more.

Ubquiti NanoBeams are roughly the equivalent of a Force 180, and PowerBeams are the equivalent of the Force 190 and 200 (there is a 22dbi and a 25dbi PowerBeam).

NanoStations with reflectors are... ick (okay, they may work fine, but I personally just don't like reflectors... actual dishes like the Force 200 are better in every way). and NanoBridges are old and not something you want use, unless you already have them.

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The airgrid is single polarity only IIRC.  Assuming it even works with elevate, it should use up twice the frame time  on the AP compared to a dual-pol SM.


So what is best CPE for you ?

I can't speak to the reliability of UBNT CPEs, but we are happy with the epmp radios we have deployed. Most of our epmp CPEs are eforce 110/200. The eforce 180 also works well, and is (in our experience) servicable out to maybe ~3mi, but doesn't get used very often since it is usually preferable to have the high gain dish for better modulation.  We haven't tried the 190 yet, but it might be an interesting option if we can put it on a taller unguyed antenna mast than the eforce 200.

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