compatibility between LPU C000065L007A vs C000000L033 surge suppressor

I need to know if the LPU kit for a PTP 650 (C000065L007A) is compatible with the surge suppressor for a PMP 450 (C000000L033)?? Both are rated for Gigabit Ethernet and 56V. Please advise. Have there been cases of clients successfully using the 65L007A instead of the L033?

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Absolutely, the -007A (LPU) can be used anywhere that would normally use a -L033A.  

The LPU is designed as the industrial level protection, and while the -L033A provides the same level of surge protection (as proven by lab testing), the LPU has several advantages.

1) the LPU provides high quality installation by ensuring continuous ground shielding from the drop cable through the LPU to the radio (through the use of armoured cable supplied in the installation kit). Because the ground is continuous, the protection level offered is much higher than that of the -L033A.

2)  The LPU is designed for use with armored cable, while the -L033A is designed to be used with lower cost foil-jacketed cable and drain wire.  

3) The termination method of the LPU is designed to withstand a longer period of field time. 

4) The LPU contains heating elements to ensure condensation does not form on the board and cause board corrosion and connection failure.

5) Lastly the LPU’s metal case, which can be installed in tandem with the radio or separately, is robust having sealing proven to IP66 and IP67, underpinning the long life, one touch installation required by customers to minimise tower climbs.

For these reasons, we would recommend using the LPU (even with the added cost) over the -L033A for demanding, mission critical, difficult to reach, or extra long life installations.

Great. thank you for your help. Is there any known issues that may arise from using the  007A on the 450M?

No issues.  In fact, that is the device we recommend to provide protection for the 450m.