Computer lags on boot up if canopy connected to ethernet con

We set up a new 2.4 SM the other day and when the computer boots there is a significant lag. If we unplug the ethernet connect the computer boots fine. Also the connection freezes if you let the computer boot up after the lag. The motherboard is a NVIDIA Nforce4. We connected the system via a router and it works fine. Does anyone know if there is a software patch for this problem?

What Operating system is it running?

Also have you checked the link speeds and TCP/IP settings to see if they match up with your network settings.

It is running Windows XP Home. No I haven’t checked the link speeds and TCP/IP settings. It is running through PPPOE, do I still need to check TCP/IP settings?


I would recommend yes…see if the DHCP client is reciving the IP address…

Once booted plug in the ethernet cable off the SM, wait for a moment till you dont longer see the broken connection icon in the taskbar.

Now to check if you have recived an IP address off your DHCP Server…

Start > Run > type “cmd” > in the command window type "ipconfig -all"

If the client is running on the correct subnet and IP address. But still lags on boot i would recommend you look for a New driver for the ethernet card or Mother board Bios Firmware.

If no look with DHCP client giving the client an IP… Specify it your self in the TCP/IP settings.

If the TCP/IP settings are as they should be - set up for DHCPand the Ethernet Drivers are good (I suspect the are since it will work through a router), then I would try re-terminating both ends of the cable and/or changing the link negotiation speeds of the radio to 10M half duplex and see if the PC will boot.

If it works at 10Mb Half, then try changing it to 10Mb full and see if still works. If so, leave it there.

An alternate simple solution is to bail on the Ethernet card and get a USB to Ethernet adapter. If it works fine with that, then you know the problem is with their ethernet adapter, sell the the USB adapter and call it good.

Jerry Richardson
airCloud communications

One last simple thing ?

Is the BIOS boot sequence looking for a IP Boot? That will cause it to look for a remote Server to get the OS boot image from. Check to make sure that the boot sequence goes to the HD or CD first