Confguration of IP adress in epmp1000

My Router Ip scheme 10.68.206.XXX 

I want to give my remote computer ip address

it is a PTP conncetion over eForce200 

I usese Ip address    gateway left bank   to AP

and    gateway left bank   to SM 

above configuration is in BRIDGE Mode (AP as eptp master SM as eptp Slave )

I given Ip address to PC is 

now i this condition I able to ping my router from remote    PC   but i m not able to ping remote PC from my local PC near Router it becomes one way connection from SM--------->AP only. Router uses 24 port CISCO switch for lan conncetion POE connected with the switch

if I am assigning wrong Ip address to AP and SM what should be correct configuration 


To see if the wireless link is ok, you can use the Ping utility from the AP and SM GUIs (Tools->Ping). If the wireless link is ok, you can try using the same utility to ping other devices in your network. Please make sure you have disabled any firewalls that may block ICMP traffic within your network/PCs.


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Hi thanks for replying my wireless link is ok I am able to ping from my local pc( near router ) to AP and SM as well able to access AP and SM as well
I the configuration manual It is written that IP address of the device will act as gateway of the pc what does it meaning.


If you are able to reach both AP and SM from the PC above the AP (near router), this makes me believe there could be something blocking ICMP traffic in the PC below SM. You can use the tcpdump functionality in the SM to get a wireshark compatible traffic capture at the SM, which should show the ICMP traffic as it goes across the SM.

1. From PC below SM, use SSH to login into SM(teraterm or putty should work)

2. Login to radio with admin credentials

3. In CLI, use the command below to enable capture

  tcpdump dump "-i eth0"

4. Send ping from PC above AP (near router) to PC below SM

5. Stop capture using Ctrl-C

6. Download capture from SM using provided link (make sure the IP in the link is the correct IP, in your case by coping/pasting into a browser window

7. Open capture with wireshark and look for ICMP protocol messages. If ICMP traffic was capture, the traffic made it to the LAN side of the SM, and something (firewall?) could be blocking the traffic at the PC below the SM.

As far as I can tell, your configuration looks ok.

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