Config File definitions

It would be great to get ahold of the list of config file definitions to help us make custom config files rather than configuring the device then saving the config as its mac then storing it in our config directory.  it works, but its kinda dirty and a little time wasteful.   if we can completely provision the routers for voice services, wifi etc before being shipped to a customer we can make that process completely hands off. 

I have figured some of them out like   RTDEV_WPA for key,   CHANNEL etc.   but Ican't find TX power settings.  

not sure on configuring a L2 bridge through the wan interface for our TV service.   need untagged for customer WAN traffic, then tagged vlan numbers for our management access, and again for TV bridge through the routers....  we've already got 3 network platforms in place and use CNmaestro to a degree, but honestly i'd like to have just 1 or 2.   our billing platform drives our radius and can be used to produce these config files which is why i want all of these definitions. 

any way to get a complete or near complete list of configuration tags with a definition?  Figured there is an internal document that can be scrubbed a little and posted or maybe just emailed to me directly? 

Hi Chris,

Can you please briefly tell us as to what you are looking for. IMO configuring a device with a typical configuration and then using the exported config (with mods) would be the easy way of pre-provisioning devices. 

The problem with parameter names list is that, they may change and your config file be become obsolete.

As far as configuring Voice, Wi-Fi, Multi WAN is concerned there are numerous articles in our Knowledge based that can be used as reference.



Hi ashutoshdatta

we generate config files for most of our devices from our CRM application.   we define the wifi network name, Key, wan configuration if it's changed from the default, define management VLAN and account passwords etc. 

I need the following sets of config definitions:

1)  the values to define a management interface via wan port.   need to define the same VLAN number, and put in DHCP mode for every router we deploy. 

2) define a bridge pass through from the same vlan in all routers to port 4 on all routers (when we use that feature)

3) adjust transmitter power for 2 and 5 ghz

set phone port 1 and 2 sip account information would be nice, but i can skip that since it will be unique in each device. logging in and making the adjustments from the gui is fine for that. 

I've figured the values to update the firmware on their own,  configure the SSID and password, set the remote access allowed list, set device admin password, set the bandwidth and channels and define the hostname. 

the reason I'd like to do this is from our volume.  last month alone we deployed 200 pilots.  all 200 of them get the same basic parameters set.  a script makes a unique ssid and password. 

they all get the same management interface configured, they all get the same bridge set for our TV service...  skipping those steps and not having to backup the file after the system generates a file based on our inventory mac addresses alone would save a ton of time.