Config files format - CSV or XML

please can you find a way to save the back up config file in XML or CSV. the current .json is limiting.

Hi @musonda_kafwembe

Which product are you talking about? Can you explain what your problem is with JSON, and why XML or CSV would be better?


Im using cnMaestro. i need to get the configuration files in either CSV or XML. this is the format required by the network inventory tool that will be reading the files.

Does it matter what columns are in the CSV file? Or what structure is used in the XML file? How does your tool know how to interpret the contents of the files?

this is the response from the owner of the system.

We build loaders for the csv columns or the xml classes. It is important that the columns headings don’t change and the structure of the xml doesn’t change throughout the lifecycle of the project beyond otherwise our loaders will fail

If they have to build custom loaders for CSV and XML, can’t they build one for JSON as well?