Config files

Hi, I am looking to see if there is a config file or editor I could use to make programming 15+ radios? The IP and Freq would be changed in the file before loading but all other settings and vlan tagging would be the same. Rather then going through the screens on every radio what are options?

Config files work with individual settings.  If you only need to change the IP and frequency you can craft a minimalistic config that changes just those settings.

I would suggest to learn some php or perl it will make automating configuration a lot easier. It's simple to pick up and making a script that would do that would be trivial.

We make a "golden" config that has all of our base settings.  That is loaded onto each radio and then we fill in the info that changes from radio to radio.

To do this, get a default radio and fill in the stuff that never changes.  Then export out the config.  Use that as your golden config.

If you haven’t used cnMaestro yet, I’d also suggest giving that a spin. It includes functionality for generating and applying config files as well, which may be useful for what you’re trying to accomplish.