config Static IP for E400 on cnMaetro Cloud


I tried to config static ip for E400 on cloud but it didn't work, i just did a same thing when i config on config page

Please checkout my config and let me know if i wrong 


The "name_server:Invalid IP address" error refers to your DNS servers.  Verify the values specified in the AP Group and correct and valid. 

Also, check the device level configuration page to validate that the Device Overrides for the VLAN tabs is correct.  If "Auto-set from device" is enabled cnMaestro will push the values of the VLAN used to connect to cnMaestro back to the device to prevent changing them.  Disable this if you want to manually specify the network settings for that VLAN.  This includes the Default Gateway and DNS Servers 1 and 2.  If you want to change these to new values, disable "Auto-set from device".