Configuration 4+0 PTP 820s


I have 4 ptp 820s dual core, I want to make a 4+0 and I am new in this kind of product, I want to have the maximun aggregate possible (I think for this kind of product are 2 Gbps with dual core, please correct me if I am mistaken).

Can you advise me with the best configuration for make a 4+0? Do you have any example of configuration?

I read that multicarrier ABC is not a good option for get more than 1 Gbps

Thank you

The dual core radios are 820c.  If you have 4 total 820c and the software licenses, and can get the spectrum, 2.5Gbps FD is achievable.  If the radios are 820s, you can get 1.245Gbps.

4+0 configuration requires some specific hardware.  Cambium LinkPlanner software will create the BoM for you.

I strongly suggest you download and install LINKPlanner--this will help you better understand what PTP 820 options you have.

You can download LINKPlanner for free here:


Thanks for answer, 

I look well the kind of device that I have and is the 820c, now I have configured the 820 with the wizard with 1+0,but I think that the 2 port of radio is not working. How  I can activate the 2 port of radio?, I have the 2 core licence

Hi FT,

In the Quick Configuration > PIPE menu you should see an option for Multi Carrier ABC > 2+0.  If you've already configured your radios for 1+0, you'll first need to restore the factory defaults which you can find under Platform > Management > Set to Factory Default.  The 2+0 Quick Configuration will guide you through the configuration.

If you have any trouble getting your link working, please contact us at and we'll get it working for you.


Thank you so much Steve for your answer, that answer help me so much, I have now two 820c set like 2+0 with xpic enable and a lag group with two radio ports. I want to add two devices 820c with the OMT for make a 4+0, and my question is, Can I set up the two 820c that I want to add with the same configuracion and use the same frecuencies that the 2 820c that I have installed? Or shall I change the frequency? Can you write me or send me an example? Thank you

I think what you're trying to make is a 2 x MultiCore 2+0 Dual Polarization Direct Mount.  You can find this configuration in the "PTP 820C and PTP 820C Assured Installation Guide" which you can download form the PTP 820 Documentation page.  XPIC allows you to use the same frequency pair on two cores of the same 820C by using different polarities - vertical and horizontal.  So you would need two pairs of frequencies to make the 2x 2+0.

You can also go to Allen's post here to see what this would look like.

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