Configuration Backup

Hi, we are curious about automating device configuration backups. Is there a way to run the Configuration Backup as a scheduled job or call via API?

Currently this option not available. I recommend you post this to the ideas section so it can be prioritized for a release.

Hi rnelson and Jordan
This feature has appeared several times in Ideas. The first one in the list is “Under Consideration”


To clarify, cnMaestro does currently support manually backing up ePMP and PMP devices in bulk. This specific request is to automate the process using scheduled jobs or API support. I didn’t see that mentioned in the linked posts but I may have missed it. It sounds like we need to clean up some of the completed features in the Ideas section.

Configuration backup is available in the On-Premises release. At the system level go to the Configuration tab and scroll down to the Global PMP/ePMP/cnReach Configuration Backup section. From here you can backup all devices, export their configuration for offline storage, import that file back and restore backups to devices.

At the device level you can create and apply backups but not perform import/export.

Hi Jordan
Thanks for the information. It’s good to see that bulk backup is available.
We’re running cnMaestro 2.3.0-r28 - I think we need to upgrade in order to have this feature.
We’re more likely to upgrade soon now that I know about this.

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It’d be nice to be able to run this Global Configuration Backup automatically, every night at, say… 3AM

I’ve created an Idea, please vote for it!


Absolutely need this to be automated. AND that should absolutely be a FREE feature, in the cnMaestro FREE edition. We should certainly NOT have to pay yet another monthly license fee for the privilege of backing up OUR configurations in OUR radios which WE have already purchased.