Configuration changes WITHOUT reboot

Good afternoon,

I have this template but i don’t want that the AP reboot automatically when i put it through cnMaestro (AP side).

How can I resolve?

    "userParameters": {
        "qosConfig": {
            "uplinkBurstAllocation": 2500000,
            "prioritizeTcpAck": 1,
            "sustainedUplinkDataRate": 30000,
            "sustainedDownlinkDataRate": 280000,
            "downlinkBurstAllocation": 2500000,
            "maxDownlinkDataRate": 310000,
            "maxUplinkDataRate": 310000
    "cfgFileVersion": "1.0",
    "cfgFileString": "Canopy configuration file",
    "configFileParameters": {
        "rebootIfRequired": false


Currently cnMaestro always tells devices to automatically reboot if required when sending configuration templates. The configFileParameters.rebootIfRequired flag is used when uploading and applying a template directly to the device via its web UI. This option is located under Configuration > Unit Settings for PMP.

So every pushed template that require a reboot with cnMAestro reboot the device?
There’re not workouround?

At this time that is correct. Configuration templates that requires a reboot to fully apply will automatically trigger a reboot in the device.

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@Jordan can you please verify if that is still the case with I made a template to push new certificates for AAA authentication and the SMs are NOT rebooting. When I log into the pmp450 SM it says “certificate has changed, please reboot for it to take effect”. So far I have had to manually reboot them, and do not see a place to set the reboot flag if it is now an option. (in my case I need to reboot them and they are not) I have about 1000 SMs to update.

@Pbair, I’ve contacted the PMP team to follow up on this.

Are you using the “rebootIfRequired” parameter in your template? In some versions this has caused conflict when used with cnMaestro templates. cnMaestro sends a separate flag for auto-reboot. “rebootIfRequired” is used when uploading a configuration file directly to the device.

I’m probably not using the “rebootIfRequired” parameter. Is there a link to the documentation on how to add that? I guess since I’m sending from CnMaestroX I thought it would have been built in.

Since you’re sending it from cnMaestro the flag is not required. “rebootIfRequired” is only used for configuration files uploaded to devices outside of cnMaestro.

“rebootIfRequired” is documented in “PMP 450 Series Configuration Guide System Release 21.0.pdf” found on the Support Center downloads section for PMP 450.

Hi @Pbair,

We are trying to reproduce this locally. Can you share your template with us? You can email me directly: jordan.stipati [.at.]