Configuration ePMP1000 integrated antenna allways reset to deafault

Hi admin / member,

I am a beginner for Cambium Netwrok Product, sorry for bad my spelling.

The ePMP1000 Integrated antenna has installed  for my office with one AP and 2 Subscriber Module for 300m distance, on the firstday connection it was running well, but the next day I found the trouble on AP Module has Restored to default setting, for the Subscriber Module is not probleme.

I did some step to solve the problem like as bellow;

1. Replaced the ePMP1000 with the new one, but still same probleme.

2. Replace the adapter / power supply  with new one, but still same probleme,

3. Upgraded the fimrware become new vers 2.4.1, but still some problem.

so please give me any suggestion and guiden to do something to solve this probleme?

Thanks & Regards,

Rifki Gading

Hi  Rifki , this behavior looks like there is a problem with the power supply or the power network . 

Epmps will reset to default settings if they reset more than four times in short period of time.

Please review this topic.